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Steam ID
Hi there, I'm new in the Fighting Games comunity and I want to lean a lot and improve. I would like to play DBfZ via Steam if anyone is interested. I'm from Colombia, Southamerica but my girlfriend and I just moved to Sudbury, ON, Canada so I wont be laggy. My steam ID is: 2FPchuck, please feel free to add me if you want to play.

Also, this Thread can work to post Steam User's ID I assume, so feel free to do that in here too, so everyone can keep track for the Steam players. Nice to meet you all Smile
Hello.  I'm from Dublin Ireland so anyone in EU looking for sets go ahead and add me on steam.  

ID is  SkagnarMuffbrook
I'm in Olympia, WA and my Steam ID is also DrooMighty. I play a lot offline but I'm looking to find regular competition online as well (especially as the netplay gets streamlined and improved)
I'm from SoCal, LA Area. SteamID is Tyranizord
(02-16-2018, 12:02 AM)SLUSHRUSH Wrote: I'm from SoCal, LA Area. SteamID is Tyranizord

I tried to add you, but got this as answer from Steam: There are no users that match your search Sad Im in Canada, East Coast.
Steam: EXWildWolf. NorCal, West Coast.
Canada east coast, steam ID is psn_lunchxbox or just lunchxbox. Not sure what is correct but you should be able to find me
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